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To Market to Market


Remember when Sunday mornings were sacred? Lie-in, papers in bed, brunch. We knew we’d be giving all that up for a good long while when we decided to start a family. Number one son was certainly trial by fire, regularly waking anytime from 5am ready to start the day or at least wail at us until we got up and headed downstairs to switch CBeebies on. Now he can work the DVD player you’d think he’d be ok with some innapropriately violent cartoon, but he still insists an adult accompanies him.

One good thing about getting up early on a Sunday is being able to do things like go to the Farmers Market. We still can’t manage to get out of the house before 10am but luckily the market doesn’t open till 10.

Thinking the weather had got milder (it hadn’t) I coaxed Family Affinita up to Alexandra Palace, last Sunday, with the promise of sausage sandwiches and cake pops.


It’s a good idea to go on an empty stomach as there’s a lot you can eat while wandering around. The market has two of the things that number one son can eat while mobile (not including cake) for a winter walking picnic – the aforementioned sausage sandwich and cheese toasties.

The Giggly Pig sausage stand have plenty of samples, number one son asked if Welsh Dragon sausages were made with real dragon meat. I was particularly pleased with the cheese toastie stand that had little cubes of Barber’s to nibble on. Their toasties are impressive to look at too, great big slabs of sourdough bread with a thick pile of grated cheese oozing out the sides. I keep meaning to try one of them but I was saving myself for the sausages.

sausage bap

The baby was happy with chewing on the crust of sourdough samples from a stall purporting to sell the Best Salt Beef Sandwiches. They looked like the sort of meat towers you’d find on Man V Food, so definitely one to plan for in advance (perhaps walk the dog first).

Husband eschewed the beef for the morrocan flatbreads – which I wouldn’t recommend you eat as a whole meal, the fillings are sparse. The bread is traditionally made as an accompaniment so should be eaten with something else.


There are plenty of cake stalls to choose from, which is never a bad thing unless you’ve got a 4 year old boy who has just inhaled a cake pop and is asking what should his next cake be? While his father distracted him with a hot chocolate I bought a slice of a german almond cake that had a layer of custard through the middle. Kept well in the fridge till the next day.

cream cakes

german cake

On sunnier days you could linger and pick up the main ingredients for a sit-down picnic to have on one of the open spaces around Ally Pally. There are quiches, cheeses and salads galore…all you need is a blanket.




For a cold February weekend, however, we were lucky to clock up nearly an hour’s wandering before number one son proclaimed it was too cold and NOTHING would help. The dog was shivering too. We crunched back to the car with some goodies to take back for Nanna, glad to have caught some fresh air and done something on a Sunday morning other than watch the Ben 10 DVD on loop.


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